Form — 「何かをかたちづくる」「物の本質の現れ」

Form: to mold something; or, the appearance of the essence of an object.
The function, efficiency and beauty of design should not only be for a select group of people, but should be a part of our everyday, and assist us in leading a richer lifestyle. This “Form” project is made possible by research on various forms of visual communication design, space, education, technology, and work-life balance that exist in cities and countries around the world. With a focus on design, this platform disseminates findings from local groundwork on the differences and similarities in values that emerge between Japan and other countries. The findings are presented through media outlets, exhibitions and seminars, to allow for more ways to consider and “form” an even better future.

Global design platform “Form” by design studio &Form.

Form #1: FormSWISS


The first focus of the “Form” series is Switzerland, a nation that has made great contributions to the development of modern design. “FormSWISS” visited the Italian, French and German-speaking regions, and interviewed about 30 designers, schools, museums and other design-related groups involved in the field of visual communication. The findings are presented in various media outlets, exhibitions and seminars.

IDEA Magazine No. 386


The series "Form" begins in the pages of the world-renowned graphic design magazine Idea, published by Seibundo Shinkosha since 1953. The series, which first focuses on the field of visual communication in Switzerland, runs from June 2019 to March 2020. The first in this series is included in Idea issue number 386, which has been on sale since June 10; it features an interview with Arata Maruyama, director of &Form and instigator of this project, and focuses on the inspiration and concept of this project, in addition to his past design work.

IDEA No. 386
Published: 2019/6
Total pages: 206 (FormSWISS #1: pp. 149-174)
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